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lolita x-mas shopping trip Update!

Note: Updates at the bottom

Hi all I was looking at dates and I was thinking that maybe the 11th of nov would be good? [Thats a Sunday]

Also if you CAN come say so in this topic, thanks :)

Remember its in OXFORD.


Ok the date is the 11th of Nov now.

We will meet at OXFORD -train- station [as it's small and inside] between 11am and middday. Once everyone is there will we figure out where to have some lunch.

Once we have had lunch we will go shopping maybe find a nice place to take some photos and then go for some tea/hot drinks.

Depending on the time after all of this we could possibly see a movie or go for drinks.


Hello all just letting you all know this meet is still going ahead ^^ any more people wanting to join? or got any ideas of nice places to eat/drink?

Also! whats everyone thinking of wearing? I'll prob be wearing my pink Meta JSK for the cherry print range :) I don't know yet. 

I also had an idea for a little thing... like maybe at tea we could have a secret vote on who we think is the best dressed loli at the meeting and that loli wins something like a little box of chocs? or is that too conpetative? input would be loved :)

Hey all this is the FINAL update on the meeting. I will be at Oxford train station from 10.30-ish till midday and I'll have a list so I don't leave anyone behind! The plan is...

We meet
Get lunch
Go shopping
Take photo's
Find somewhere to have tea

Is that ok? :)

Also I'll be getting the bus from Swindon. If anyone wants to meet me on the same train then email me todd_tolansky@hotmail.co.uk and also if you want my mob number for any reason.

I really need to know now who's really in and out. Thanks!

Is everyone ok with this plan? so far [from what I've gotten] this is who's coming.

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