kyodomo (kyodomo) wrote in teapartyclub,

london cinema trip?? =3

"Elizabeth the Golden Age" is showing in the cinemas right now and i thought it would be nice to have a little meetup and watch the movie together =3 it might not be as loliable as "Marie Antoinette" but i still think it kind of fits nicely with our style ^^;

would anyone be interested in a cinema trip on either 17.11 or 24.11 (both saturday), preferably to one of the big cinemas in leicester square (just to show off X3 ) and maybe a visit to some tea shop as well just to make the day last longer?? i was thinking movie first(sometime around noon should be cheaper than evening) and some other activities later. we'll be close to china town and there's the purikura place there as well =3

anyone wants to join?? =3

Since 24.11 is the Avenue Q outing (i keep forgeting about it >.>) the date for our movie trip will be 17 November.
We could go to Odeon in Leicester Square for the 13.35 screening. Their webpage shows the ticket prices for rear stalls downstairs as £12.50 adult and £9.00 under 15. Should suit us just fine =3 The movie is about 2 hours long so we'll have plenty of time to do something afterwards for a bit of fun =3

I'll be in Leicester Square beetween 12.00 and 13.00 to wait for everyone that would like to join.
Please take with you enough money for the cinema ticket and also a fev extra quid in case we decide to go to a tea shop or purikura or anything else that would require money =3

see you there =3

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