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The Tea Party Club

The few, the proud, the frilly.

The Tea Party Club (lolita fashion meetup club)
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Japanese street fashion (lolita) meet-up club ! Monthly tea parties organised all over the U.K

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Japanese street fashion (lolita and associated fashions) UK meet up club. We meet up once a month, often around London and South East but with meets happening elsewhere in the country (especially York and the Midlands) - basically a good excuse to get dressed up and meet new and old friends :D

We tend to have a consistent 'tea party theme' because, aside from being very appropriate to Lolita fashion, sitting down and chatting over tea is comfortable and friendly and a great way to break the ice when you're nervous! This is taken in the loosest possible way though so don't worry if you don't like tea!
We often go to places of interest, like museums and art galleries, exhibitions and shows, zoos and aquariums; we've done activities like ghost walks and craft meets, picnics and parks in the summer, as well as the occasional proper high tea at a posh tea room but future meet-ups aren't limited to things that we have done in the past - original ideas for unusual tea parties are more than welcome!

We have a huge range of ages from 14 to over 30s! Because of the dangers of meeting someone 'from the internet' everything is arranged so we meet in public places during the day :) All posts are also locked for security, please do not change this. First meets can be intimidating but please don't be scared! Feel free to PM blondedebates (London and Hampshire/south coast), boykitten (Cambridge, East of England and Midlands), beebeecupycake (Warrington, North West) or a_shi_ra (London, South East England) if you have any questions at all :) Anyone can organise and host a meet! Just pick a free month and plan away!

Rules and reminders;
  • Don't be a twat! Only rule that matters :) There are seriously high numbers of sweet, awesome and welcoming people here and we would like it to keep it that way. Be nice, let somebody know if someone else isn't being nice to you and I'm sure we'll get along fine <3
  • Only one meet per month unless they're significantly far enough away from each other.
  • Please tag your posts with 'month year' (for example March 2010) This make it easier to find updates, especially when several meets are being planned at once.
  • Posts are locked by default for safety reasons. Please don't change this.

Please contact blondedebates, boykitten, beebeecupycake or a_shi_ra in confidence if you have any problems within the community at all.

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